Manual Patch Links08.11.2018

Hi Summoners,

We understand that some of you have been asking for the links to download the manual patches. Here are all the consolidated links for easy reference.

Have fun on the Rift!

Patch Version

 Release DatePatch Size

Download Links

Patch 8.222018-11-08186 MB 
Patch 8.21 Hotfix #12018-10-3110.3 MB 
Patch 8.212018-10-25321 MB 
Patch 8.20 Hotfix #12018-10-118.5 MB 
Patch 8.202018-10-11261 MB 
Patch 8.19 Hotfix #12018-10-0123.2 MB 
Patch 8.192018-09-27381 MB