Midseason Essence Emporium now live20.04.2018

Welcome (back) to the Essence Emporium! We’re kicking things off at 2:00 a.m. SGT on April 20th and will be open for business until May 1st, 2018, at 2:59 p.m. SGT. Until then, you can snag chromas, gemstones, icons, wards, emotes, and other exclusives for Blue Essence.
Here’s what’s new:
2,000 BE – Midseason chromas (Includes any non-limited, non-legacy chromas released between July and December of any year. See the full list of available chromas at our FAQ here. Listed chromas released in 2017 are also on sale for 195 RP.)
2,500 BE – Mystery Mini icons, series 2 (with 8 new icons available)
In case you missed the last Essence Emporium, here’s what’s coming back:
1,500 BE – Mystery icons (Does not include esports icons, may contain Mystery Mini Icons)
2,500 BE – Mystery Mini icons, series 1
4,900 BE – Mystery wards
6,000 BE – Essence Collector Ward
50,000 BE – Make It Rain Emote
50,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone Knight Icon
75,000 BE – Moneybags Emote
75,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone Prince Icon
100,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone King Icon
150,000 BE – URFWick skin
Blue Essence gifting for wards and icons (both Mystery Mini and regular mystery icons) are also available for the duration of the Essence Emporium.
As a midseason bonus, the following will also be on sale:
Summoner Name Change (50% off RP - 237 RP)
Rune Pages (50% off RP and BE - 107 RP | 3150 BE each)
XP boosts (all 50% RP off)
11 Hextech Chests (350 RP)
11 Hextech Keys (350 RP)
For more information, check out our Player Support FAQ. Enjoy!