[MY] What is an eSports Club?03.04.2017

Hello Everybody! The GSA initiative launched by Garena is quickly expanding throughout Malaysia. I’m so excited for this programme to be officially launched as I’m sure many of you feel the same way too. It’s the X-Factor that the collegiate level needs to further improve their understanding and participation in the local eSports scene.

For universities and colleges to join the GSA, the first thing they must do is establish an eSports club in their respective institution. The GSA handbook has a detailed explanation on how students can form their own club but what’s more important is that we must understand what’s the function of an eSports club and how it will benefit students.


One of the major functions of having an eSports club is that it enables and gives the opportunity for students to participate in the amateur scene representing their respective institutions. By representing their institutions, students are able to have a taste of competing on platforms such as the Malaysia Campus League (MYCL), GSA Championship and even the League of Legends International Collegiate Championship (LICC). These platforms are only accessible through eSports clubs recognized by the GSA.


Another major function which needs to be addressed is that by having an eSports club, it sets the foundation and building block of creating a hub for all gamers in the community. This enables gamers to interact with each other and gives them the opportunity to increase their physical networking and hopefully make some new friends along the process.


Another important function is indeed education about the industry itself. By participating in eSports club events, participants can structurally learn and understand the opportunities available in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a pro player or if you just want to work in the industry, the GSA initiative is meant to help educate students on how to pursue their passion in the eSports industry.

With that in mind, I hope everyone understands that the GSA programme is meant to further help build the entire industry from the bottom up as we equip all passionate gamers with the knowledge they need to excel in the industry. For more information checkout the website (http://gsa.garena.com/).