Official League of Legends Artists and Cosplayers!09.05.2017

We are looking for new as well as experienced League of Legends artists and cosplayers to join our new Facebook group created specially just for you! It's a platform purely for artists and cosplayers to engage and interact with each other and of course, you get to share your artworks and cosplay pictures in the group!

Grow with us, inspire others or get inspired! To join our exclusive club, all you need to do is to SEND AN ORIGINAL PIECE OF ARTWORK OR A PICTURE OF YOUR COSPLAY to GM Ennyz's page! Easy peasy. Oh, but don't forget to attach the following details:

a) Name:

b) Facebook profile link:

c) Summoner name (Optional):

There will be more in store for you guys so watch out for them as we will be updating through the group!

Let's build a strong community and get better together!