Rewards for old Honor are out29.08.2017

tl;dr: Summoner icons celebrating old-school Honorable players are a wrap.
tl;dr: Summoner icons celebrating old-school Honorable players will roll out by September 30th.


Like we mentioned back around the Honor relaunch, Honor veterans who racked up votes and ribbons are due a reward for fighting the good fight. We’re sending out five new (and exclusive) summoner icons to commemorate your old Honor accomplishments -- check out the eligibility details below for more info. We’re starting delivery right now, and should be wrapped up by the end of September. We’ll update this post once they’re all out in the wild.
There are five new icons in total. Here’s how they break down:
  • Four icons nod to the ribbons and categories of old Honor (Honorable Opponent, Friendly, Teamwork, and Helpful)
  • The fifth icon serves as a salute to a larger number of players who received votes in the old system
If you have played a matchmade game within the last year and meet the requirements below, you'll automatically receive the icons for which you are eligible.


 Received an Honorable Opponent ribbon Received a Great Leader ribbon Received a Great Teammate ribbon Received a Great Mentor ribbon
 OR  OR    OR   OR 
Were in the top 10% of Honorable Opponents in your region Were in the top 10% of Friendly players in your region  Were in the top 10% of Teamwork honors in your region Were in the top 10% of Helpful players in your region


Had a total of 10 or more honors when the old system retired

Can I get all the icons?
If you qualify for this one time reward, yes. Depending on if you meet the requirements, you can earn none, some, or all the icons.
How will I know if I got any icons?
We’ll update and bump the post once everyone has their icons (this should be wrapped by September 30). There should also be an in-client notification by the little bell in the social panel when they arrive.
Who qualifies for the icons?
Glad you asked. Check out the requirements above! 
How do I check if I qualify or not?
There isn’t a way for you to check your previous Honor standing. After the icons are given out, you can see which ones you've earned in your summoner icon inventory.
Can I be in the top 10% of a category without ever getting a ribbon?
Yes, you can! Some players in the the top 10% of a category never received a ribbon (as the system got older, ribbons didn’t work that well so some of the most honorable players never got one).
Is there any other way to unlock these icons?
No, this is a one-time reward for ye olde Honor vets.
I switched regions and lost my old Honor ribbons. Will I still get icons?
When you moved, your honor progress was reset. If you met the requirements after the region swap, you’ll still earn the icons.
Am I eligible for the icons if I was ever punished?
Anytime you received a penalty, your honors were reset. If you met the requirements for icons after that penalty, you’ll still earn them.