[SG] 2016 League of Confessions28.12.2016


Shame! Shame! Shame! With 2016 almost over, it's time for you to confess your darkest League secrets and sins of the year. We will share these anomonously for the community's amusement! 

What is a Confession?

It can be anything that you've been itching to get off your chest about the game, the people on your buddy list, or that special someone you've been duo-ing with! Don't worry, we'll make sure you remain anonymous. ;)


"I do not want to support GM YellowPika. It sucks playing with him because he always makes us lose. But how can I say that I do not want to play with him?"

“I created a smurf just so I don’t have to play with my friends.”

Is this a contest?

NO, it's not a contest! We just want you to have a safe space to get those dark secrets or confessions off your chest. We want you to know you're not alone either, so we'll be creating a Facebook album with the confessions (which will remain 100% anonymous) that we find the most relatable - be it funny or sad!

How can I confess?


  • Head to this form: http://bit.ly/LOLConfess
  • Confess your sins and be absolved! ;) If we think it is worthy (and appropriate) of being shared, we will publish it in an anonymous album on our Facebook page.
  • Try to keep it short!
  • Please note we will not entertain negative or derogatory posts! 
  • You can confess as many times as you want before 11:59 PM, 31st December 2016! 

Can I send in memes?

Not unless they are a confession! 

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments down below!