[SG] Calling all League Content Creators! 08.02.2017


We are on a lookout for Singapore-based writers, video makers, artists, musicians and more, who have a passion for creating content for players, as players.


Use your skills to create content covering, but not limited to:

  • The Game: Champion Guides, Strategies, News etc.

  • Gameplay: Game Commentaries, Montages, Highlights etc.  

  • ** Community:  Interviews with players in our community, Gaming clubs in your school, local League Cosplayers etc.

  • ** Local Events: TLC, SGCL and other local tournaments, gatherings, viewing parties etc.

  • Entertainment: Voice acting, Mashups, anything that would make a Summoner laugh out loud.

  • League Art: Digital, hand drawn, crafts, etc.     

** of special focus to us in the near future!


Any form of reward will be negotiated on a project basis, dependent on factors such as level of content delivered, personal motivations, commitment involved and more.  


We are looking for people with skill but more importantly, those who understand and provide valuable content to your fellow community!


Apply Here


Potential content creators will be invited either by phone or email to visit Garena Singapore’s office for a short chat about your motivations, interests and how we can work together to create kickass content for our community!   


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis - Get your application in soon!  


Leave a comment or email us at community.sg@garena.com for any questions