[SG] Community Streamer Feature: funwitha_g 17.04.2017

Hellooo fellow gamers! So, TLDR: things you need to know about me:
1.    My name is Fung aka. funwitha_g (get it?).
2.    I stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly at 7:30pm on Twitch.tv!
3.    I play mostly League of Legends, support & mid.
4.    Naruto is my spirit animal - I will always be trying for that comeback even when my team wants to forfeit at 20min. Because I BELIEVE!
 Me in a nutshell - My love for games stemmed from having two incredibly nerdy older brothers that taught me their ways. I started from the good old days of Dungeon Keeper, Warcraft III, Worms to now the ever amazing Final Fantasys, Mass Effects and of course, League of Legends.
I’m also a passionate writer/blogger, an avid fighter for human rights, and the occasional part-time model. Being a psychology major from the University of California, Berkeley, I have a love for all things people. So feel free to come have a chat if you are in need of a non-judgemental listening ear. 
 It’s been a tough few years of moving about on my Elo. I managed to climb the rank to Gold V on my first NA account, then moved to Sydney and dropped to Silver on OCE, then moved to Malaysia and dropped to Bronze, followed by moving to Singapore and getting back to Silver on Garena. But hopefully, my joining of the all-girls team GIRLAXY will not only help improve my skills but get me out of this rank.
So if you are interested to keep up with me and my struggles, laughter and successes, come hang out with me on Twitch! I also have a YouTube channel that I put snippets of gameplay on every now and again. Otherwise, GLHF and I will see you on the Rift!