2017 World Championship RP Promo23.10.2017

As the adrenaline of Worlds continues to flow in our veins, our Legends continue to chase their dreams of lifting the Summoner’s Cup in Beijing this year.

The Worlds RP Promo is here to ease your mind! Get flat 10% bonus RP when you convert any amount of Garena shells from 4.30PM @ 23 Oct until 11:59PM @ 5 November, 2017!

Check out the rates below:-


Get Worlds Tokens through RP conversion!

On top of your bonus RP, you’ll receive exclusive Worlds tokens if you have accumulated enough!

1. At a total amount of 400 RP converted, you’ll receive 80 Worlds Token.

2. At a total amount of 1100 RP converted, you’ll receive another 160 Worlds Token.

3. At a total amount of 2250 RP converted, you’ll receive another 320 Worlds Token.

Take note that the rewards are cumulative.


Also, do note that the additional RP that you receive is not counted in this Worlds Token cumulative conversion/ Example, you will receive 2190 RP when you convert 2000 Garena Shells at once. As such, you will have achieved and received:

  • 2190 + 219 (10% bonus) = 2409 RP as shown above

  • 80 + 160 Worlds Token (320 tokens are not unlocked yet because the additional 219 RP is not counted in the Worlds Token cumulative conversion)

Hustle to the store now to claim your bonus RP and tokens!

Things to remember

  • Promotion is only available when you convert Garena Shells to RP, not when you purchase Garena Shells.

  • If you got all the Worlds Token under this promotion, you are not able to reset the promotion. However, the 10% bonus RP still applies!

You can purchase shells to convert to RP online For Malaysia | For Singapore