Best of 2018: Mid Sale!21.12.2018

Whether it’s roaming to the other lanes, taking control of the river, or simply outplaying the opposing mid, the Mid laner is central to the success of any team on Summoner’s Rift. Dominate the map in style by picking up new looks for some of the best Mid champions of 2018!


From now until 11:59 pm 24th December, the following skins will be on discount at up to 50% off!


Prehistoric Anivia - 750 RP // 525 RP

Arcade Ahri - 1350 RP // 810 RP

Battle Boss Brand - 1350 RP // 810 RP

Mecha Aurelion Sol - 1350 RP // 682 RP

Guardian of the Sands Xerath - 1350 RP // 675 RP


If you need the champions they will also be on sale at 50% off their normal RP price during this time!