Best of 2018: Support Sale!28.12.2018

Whether it is strangling the opponents vision, catching out an unsuspecting opponent or creating the perfect initiation for the rest of the team to follow up, you can always count on the Support to be there when most needed. Grab new skins for some of the best Supports of 2018 now!


From now until 11:59 pm 31st December, the following skins will be on discount at up to 50% off!


Groovy Zilean - 520 RP // 260 RP

Deep Sea Nami - 1350 RP // 675 RP

Pool Party Taric - 1350 RP // 675 RP

Sacred Sword Janna - 1350 RP // 810 RP

Dragon Sorceress Zyra - 1350 RP // 945 RP


If you need the above champions they will also be on sale at 50% off their normal RP price during this time!