Chest and Key New Year Promo04.01.2018


We want you to kickstart the New Year 2018 with a spring cleaning. It is time to open all of your locked chests and use your unused keys. We should not let them dusty for too long, shall we?

In order for that to happen, we added something extra in the 1 Hextech Chest and Key Bundle at the same price:-

2 Hextech Chests and 1 Key Bundle - 70 RP

1 Hextech Chest and 2 Keys Bundle - 70 RP

With the extra chests and keys in these bundles, we are hoping you can use it to open all of your chests and utilize your keys to your advantage.

Unlock all your chests, as these modified bundles would only last until 10 January 2018, 11:59 PM. Happy Hextech Crafting!