Dark Star Sale23.10.2017

Super Galaxies are the universe warriors. But, every warrior needs a villain.

Dark Stars have emerged and it will send shivers to the Mecha counterpart.

Infinite your Dark Star prowess, with discounts available until 27 October 2017, 11:59 PM:-


Dark Star Kha'zix - 490 RP 294 RP // 40%

Dark Star Orianna - 490 RP 294 RP // 40%

Dark Star Varus - 490 RP 294 RP // 40%

If the deals above are not infinite enough, why not buy all skins (including Dark Star Thresh) at
HIGHER DISCOUNTS when you purchase the bundle.

Submit to Infinity Bundle - 1333 RP only!

(1990 RP with champions)