Evelynn Available Now12.10.2017


You might not resist her charms. But you'll wish you did.

The Evelynn update is available now.

To add more excitement when you play Evelynn, we have her skins on sale, 40% discount!

Shadow Evelynn - 190 RP 114 RP // 40%

Masquerade Evelynn - 190 RP 114 RP // 40%

Tango Evelynn - 190 RP 114 RP // 40%

Safecracker Evelynn - 270 RP 162 RP // 40%

Do you want it all? Why not purchase our Agony's Embrace Bundle, for only
420 RP (or 527 RP if you need the champion).

Take note that these discounts are only available from
12th October to 18th October 2017. If you don't want to miss her charm, get it now!