[Update] Fortune Arcade: Test your luck and win permanent skins now!17.01.2018


[Update]: 11:45am 17/1/2018


HI Summoners,


The issue has been resolved and the event is up now. Thank you for your patience.


[Update]: 11am 17/1/2018


HI Summoners,


We've received feedback regarding an issue with Fortune's Arcade. We will be temporarily closing this event as we work on a fix and will update you on this article!


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


It is shopping time for an arcade twist. With a small amount of RP, you can get a chance to win a permanent skin. This spree will last until 12:00 PM, 19 January 2018.

How to be part of this skin extravaganza? Just follow the steps below.


  1. When you open your client, it will lead you to the Fortune Arcade page.


  1. You will be randomly situated in the Normal Zone or the VIP Zone.


  1. Under each zone, a pool of skins will appear.


  1. Roll a small amount of RP for a chance to get a permanent skin from the pool.


  1. The minimum reward you will get: Hextech Key Fragment or 100 Blue Essence.


  1. After a fixed number of rolls, you will be guaranteed a permanent skin.
    Did you not get it during your first roll? Do not give up! Keep rolling!


To go back to your Fortune Arcade page for the second time, just click the Mystery Deals button.

What are you waiting for? Go straight to the client and prepare yourself with the RP for the arcade of the century.