Get Super Galaxy skins via Baron's Payback18.10.2017

Super Galaxy skins are rolling to the store and the Baron has something attractive to offer.


With a minimum spend of 800 RP for any purchase of the Super Galaxy bundles, skins, and icons in the Baron’s Payback event, you will receive RP rebates from your spending!


What amount of rebates are you getting? We are talking about 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, or even 90% from your spending!


Example: If you spend 800 RP for any Super Galaxy items, after you purchase it, if you get 40% rebate, you will get back 320 RP!


Head to the client NOW!


Don’t keep the Baron waiting for you. This event will end on 24th October 2017, 11:59 PM.




You will see it once you launch your League client or you can find Baron's Payback by clicking the link below on your homepage.




  1. You need to spend at least 800 RP in a single transaction to qualify for a random rebate from Baron. If not, the purchase will proceed as normal without a rebate.

  2. After the rebate is drawn, RP will be deducted and the items will be credited to your account immediately. You will not be able to cancel the transaction or refund the purchase.

  3. This event is not applicable with League of Legends's store refund policy. The items obtained will be credited directly to your account.