Hidden Mission Shop25.08.2017


Hi summoners,

Hidden Mission Shop is here! Complete hidden missions in Summoner’s Rift: Normal or Ranked matches, to receive random skins with up to 90% OFF. (ARAM, Custom, and AI games are not counted).

Completing hidden missions will grant you access to a congratulatory screen where you are offered great discounts on skins to add flare and style to your champions!

Wait a minute, what are the hidden missions? Well, it’s hidden isn’t it?

No matter, to get the rewards, focus on these three things:

  • Be legendary! Play well in your Summoner's Rift games!

  • Master your champions! Widen your champion pool and earn mastery points!

  • Keep playing, and luck might come after you!

These exclusive skin deals will only come as a surprise. So keep playing, and keep playing good! See you on the Rift, Summoners!

Check out the FAQ here!