The Lunar Market: Bargain for a Great Deal13.02.2018


There are three more days until Chinese New Year! To celebrate this Lunar New Year, we are opening The Lunar Market for you to purchase tempting skins with a lower price.

Behind the ecstatic illusion of the discount, take a deep breath, as you might get a much lower discount when you bargain.

Open your client:-



You will see random exquisite skin that you love. Click the skin and you can bargain it for a lower price up to 90%.

Note that only selected lucky players will enter this Lunar market. No worries if you are not the chosen one. We will have more events like this in the future.

What you only need to do is keep playing League of Legends actively. You will be the next fortunate one.

To check back The Lunar Market for the second time, click the Mystery Deals button.

Happy Chinese New Year and bargain to save your angpao!