Neo PAX Sivir and Epic Capsules09.08.2017

“Step light, strike hard.”
The ultra-rare PAX Sivir will return to the grid with new colors as Neo PAX Sivir, craftable with 10 gemstones from 1 September 17 until 9 January 2018 at 14:59 SGT, when it will return to the Legacy vault. Neo PAX Sivir will also drop as a skin shard, which has an increased chance to appear in the new Epic Capsules.
Epic Capsules do not require a key and contain three skin shards, with one guaranteed to be Epic or higher. They have an increased chance to drop gemstones, and the store will also feature a bundle of five Epic Capsules with a bonus Hextech Chest and Key. All of these will be coming soon to the store.
Owners of the original PAX Sivir skin will automatically receive Neo PAX Sivir and a special loading screen border for their OG skin. The original PAX Sivir will NOT be given away, added to loot, or made available again.