Ornn and exclusive Forgemaster icon available now24.08.2017

With his hammer, he forges creations. With his horn, he summons destruction. Ornn is available now.

Unlock the exclusive Forgemaster icon by completing the following mission:

The Forging

Complete the following objectives as Ornn (except where noted):-

  • Win two games with Ornn on your team
  • Forge 15 items
  • Redirect Ornn’s lava ram into enemies three times

This mission will run until 2:59pm SGT, 11 Sept. Objectives can be completed in any order on any PVP or Co-op vs. AI game (no Custom games).

Learn more about The Fire Under the Mountain below:

Ornn is available now for 355 RP. Flaunt him with his latest skin, Thunder Lord Ornn for 490 RP.

Or you can have both with Thunder Lord Ornn Bundle for only 717 RP until 30 Aug at 11:59pm SGT.