Play for more discounts!02.02.2018


You are getting skin discounts! You heard it right, and you can increase it.
This offer contains huge discounted items in League of Legends but it doesn't appear all the time.

Are you the lucky one to get this?


As usual, when you open your client, you will see bejeweled skins on discount.  

But easy tiger! Do not buy it first. You can increase the discount when you obey these criteria:-

  • Play a matchmade game and get additional 5% off.

  • Play any champion shown and get additional 5% off.

Check out the rules here:-

  • Only your last 10 games are considered.

  • Only Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss (ARAM) matchmade games are considered.

  • Co-op vs AI and Custom games are not considered.

  • Maximum discount is 90%

  • Maximum additional discount is 10%

Do not forget to always check back your discount by clicking the
Mystery Deals button on the League client.

This discount spree is happening from 2 Feb, 12:00 pm until 9 Feb, 6:00 am. Play, get discount and purchase now.