RP Conversion Promo: Get Sasquatch Nunu!04.09.2018

Been itching to complete your Nunu skin collection but missing out on certain legacy Nunu skins? Fret not! Here's your chance to obtain the Guardian of the Mossborn Forest, plus a little extra.

From 11.00am, 4 September 2018 until 11.59pm, 8 September 2018, this RP Conversion Promo hopes to bring you some more joy during this Nunu Rework period. 

Guardian of the Mossborn Forest Milestones

  • At a total amount of 300 RP converted, you’ll receive a random Pool Party Orb
    • Top Lane Orb
    • Jungle Orb
    • Mid Lane Orb
    • Marksman Orb
    • Support Orb
  • At a total amount of 660 RP Converted, you’ll receive the legacy Sasquatch Nunu skin



Things to remember:

- If you receive the skin but do not have the champion, Nunu will be automatically credited into your account.

- You will receive 120 RP if you already owned Sasquatch Nunu when you complete the second milestone. 

- Promotion is only available when you convert Garena Shells to RP, not when you purchase Garena Shells. 

- Rewards are cumulative! If you have already converted 300 RP for the first milestone, you only need to convert 360 RP more for the second milestone.

You can purchase shells to convert to RP online here.