Snowdown Lucky Crates are here!01.01.2019

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!

For this year’s Snowdown we have brought you a very special series of Snowdown Lucky Crates! These crates have the chance to contain various holiday and Snowdown themed items from this year and years past!

For more details and FAQ on all the items available within each specific crate, check out the Lucky Crate in client!

You can launch it by simply clicking on the Lucky Crate button on the client overview page~

List of Snowdown Crates Available now:

  • Snowdown 2018 Crate
  • Snowdown Top Crate
  • Snowdown Jungle Crate
  • Snowdown Mid Crate
  • Snowdown Marskman Crate
  • Snowdown Support Crate



  • You may view your transaction records via the “History” button, including the items you have won & its crediting status.
  • If you win a skin for a champion you do not own yet, you may purchase the champion later, and return back to the “History” records to re-send the skin.
  • When an item fails to credit (e.g. You already own the skin, etc), you may exchange it via the “History” records.

The Snowdown Lucky Crates will be available until 11:59PM 8 Jan, grab one (or as many as you like!) and don’t miss out on collecting all the awesome holiday themed items!