Top Sellers: Popular Skins on Sale!29.11.2018

Dominate your enemies, unleash your talent on the Rift and look pretty good while doing it!

We've identified some of the favourite skins from across the Rift and have put them on sale for up to 50% off from 3PM 30th Nov to 23:59 PM 6 Dec.


Pool Party Caitlyn1350 RP945 RP
High Noon Urgot1350 RP945 RP
God Staff Jax1350 RP945 RP
Cosmic Blade Master Yi1350 RP810 RP
Mecha Aatrox1350 RP810 RP
Cosmic Dusk Xayah1350 RP810 RP
Mecha Rengar1350 RP810 RP
Dragon Fist Lee Sin975 RP487 RP
Blood Moon Akali975 RP487 RP
High Noon Yasuo975 RP487 RP



Grab the deals before they're gone!