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Prized Events

Miss out the chance to join tournaments? Have strong passion on hosting tournaments? Then why not organize your own or ask your local café to organize one for you? We can help get you set up with prizing for offline tournaments.

Want to know how can you organize your own Prized event? Check out the Organizer Tournament FAQ and let’s get started.

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Organizer Tournament FAQ

Prized events are League of Legends tournaments that are self-organized by cafes, school clubs, companies or organizations. In such, prizes are determined by the organizer and usually receive something from Garena SEA League of Legends to sweeten the pot.

Everyone is welcome to apply as long as the organizer(s) are capable of running the LoL tournaments on their own and capable of running a LoL tournament in the smoothest way (i.e. has good internet connection, sufficient PC units, etc). 

However, we have a screening process to ensure the Prized Events are legitimate and have basic foundation to ensure the success of the tournament. If you have prior experience in hosting gaming tournaments, that will be an advantage for you. 


We require a minimum of 8 participating teams for prized event submissions. We hold the right to deny prizing if the organizer cannot commit to the said minimum requirement. 

There is no maximum number of teams. The more the merrier! As long as you have at least 8 teams, you’re good to go. However, as an Organizer, you may have to consider the possibility whether you're able to organize the event for that many teams. 

You must submit your request at least 3 weeks prior to the start of your tournament. Anything earlier than that is also acceptable. 

We will send you an email either confirming or rejecting your prized event application 2 weeks before your event. If approved, we might also contact you via phone call for further instructions.  If rejected we will state the reason for rejection and you are welcome to submit your event again. 

The Garena staff will contact you within 7 working days after your event ended. The staff will guide you on writing a summary on the event and retrieve the list of winners. 

The time limit to send in the summary is no later than two (2) weeks after your tournament ends. Failure to submit the report within the time frame could result in denial of prizing. The earlier you are able to submit the report, the earlier we are able to award the winners and your incentives. Let's not keep the winners waiting so your cooperation to send the report as early as you can is most appreciated. 

The summary serves as an assessment to view how good you are as a tournament organzer based on how detailed your report is. Who knows, maybe in future, we may award you with better prizes/rewards!

We strongly discourage the tournament organizers to play in their own tournament to avoid a conflict of interest. 

Currently, we only support community tournaments in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. We are actively working on expanding to new regions so that everyone can receive support from us. We apologize if we cannot support your tournament yet. 

You can apply here.

Make sure you filled up the form completely to increase the chances of being approved by the Garena LoL Team. 

(1) Prized for the participants

We will be providing specific prizes such as RP and skins based on the number of teams that eventually played in your Prized Event tournaments. We believe adding in prizes that matters a lot to Summoners will futher increase their interest towards the tournaments.

*Prizes stated below are dedicated for  ONE player.

  8 teams 16 teams  32 teams
 Champion 300 RP + Triumphant Ryze  400 RP + Triumphant Ryze  500 RP + Triumphant Ryze 
 2nd Place 200 RP  300  400 RP 
 3rd Place 100 RP  200 RP 200 RP


(2) Advertisement of your tournament to the community

We will advertise your event on League of Legends online platforms (i.e. Facebook, Website and forum)


Incentives for the organizers

We are also giving out specific incentives to organizers in order to express our appreciation for your love and support to League of Legends. Below are two options for all-cash or a combination of some cash and RP. 


  8 teams 16 teams 32 teams
 Choice 1 RM80 / SGD30 RM100 / SGD40 RM150 / SGD60
 Choice 2 RM50 / SGD 20 + 300RP  RM50 / SGD20 + 700RP RM80 / SGD30 + 1000RP


Currently we only support offline community tournaments. We apologize for not able to support online tournaments at the moment.